Born in 1991 and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Mark Franko has been fortunate enough to live in a very prosperous, multicultural and artistic society. This big and prosperous environment has enabled him to explore his many artistic talents over the years and move towards his true purpose. Inspired by his very artistically talented grandfather, he found his calling in producing amazing pieces of abstract expressionism. He has been conscientiously mastering his craft for the past year and a half and is now excited to showcase his unique works to the world! 




My art is an expression of spiritual ideas provided by guidance from my awakened, lively soul. My purpose is to create paintings filled with vibrant energy and sparkling light. I translate my spirit-inspired feelings into deep emotions and energy that I convey through color and texture. It is very important for my artistic creativity that I am truly connected to my truth as well as fully grounded as this allows me to express these emotions through my painting tools onto the canvas.


I seek to evoke happiness, a sense of mystery and wonder, and contemplation in every person who looks at my paintings. As an artist I wish to move and uplift people to a state of calmness, curiosity and serenity. This state of curiosity and tranquility enables viewers to put aside life’s challenges for even a few moments, and freely move into the light with love.